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Is India the Next GWs Solar market of the World

The NAPCC of India under UNFCC has a Mission dedicated for Solar Power. This crude-importing sunshine-country was nudging double digit growth just before the world hit the economic speed breakers.

Its President inspired Indians to aim for 'Energy Independence'.
Not just Energy Security as aspired by other Nations at that time.

One of its 28 States has just allotted 716 MWs Solar Power Production Capacity to 34 companies.

20,000 MW more is to be announced by the Federal Government of India.

And 27 more States are waiting in the wings to make their own allocations and announcements.

India's existing Solar manufacturing capacity is only 700 mw per year and that too is largely confined to modules.

No poly though India exports lots of Quartz.

No Silicon ingots though Indians are amongst the world's top in old world metals like Iron and Steel.

Not much of Solar Cells though India is a member of many an Exclusive Cubs like the Space or Nuclear clubs

No CdTe or CI(G)S though its own copper barons are known across the world.

India truly is the next GWs Solar goods market of the world?

India's PM through NAPCC hopes to lead the world in Solar.

Can India lead? By example? Who will build the manufacturing capacity? Is the SIPS available and enough?

Is the infrastructure and utilities getting ready?

Will India's famed talent stand up to the challenge once again?

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