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A Special Economic Zone in India for manufacturing Solar Goods

Significantly reduced Price of solar goods @ per Wp or cost of Solar Electricity @kWh is critical for the Solar Industry to gain momentum. FITs are interim. Tariff discovery is the new reality.

India's cost advantages are globally known. From IT to Nano there are many testimonies.

Indian SEZ can reduce the cost of manufacturing up to 20%+18%+33% at Capex, Opex and at Income tax levels.

SIP of 20% is also available as investment Subsidy

Why not a Solar Economic Zone (SEZ) in India for Solar Manufacturing offering all the above?

A serious step towards "Energy Independence"?

Paring Costs for Grid Parity & New GWs markets of Solar

Solar goods Industry is at an 'Inflection point'.

We, the Solar Stakeholders, do have the choice to ride the upward arc or to go down the slope.

Paring costs is necessary; but not sufficient.

Exploiting Economies of Scale is becoming imperative. But, how?

The FIT is having fits and the thin-film leaders are instigating "Tariff Discovery" across the world.

The power has shifted and solar is a Buyer's market. Beyond doubt.

How can we pare costs? Which market will give us GW scales? By when? Which one will give us scale and also drop the costs?

Integrate? Vertically or Horizontally?

Manufacture in a 'customer country' or in a 'cost-efficient' country?

Lets discuss, discover, deploy cost cutting.

Explore, exploit emerging GWs markets to 'Rule by Scale'

Maybe we'll figure to do both.

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